Our Story

Our story begins as a humble vegetable farm maintained in a small plot in Kadakkarapally (Alleppy District, Kerala) producing pesticide-free vegetables for our family. Excess vegetables were shared with our kith and kin. The growing need for our vegetables prompted us to consult our agricultural officer, Mrs. T. R. Swapna, who prompted us to build a rain shelter. Extensive research was done with respect to environment-friendly and healthy production system as well as marketing methods. Commercial production started in 2017 and we started marketing our vegetables under the name “Eat It Safe”.

In 2018, we started testing our vegetables at the Pesticide Residue Research and Analytical Laboratory at the College of Agriculture, Vellayani, and obtained “Safe To Eat” certificate . Henceforth, we have made sure that our vegetables are periodically tested as “safe to eat” at regular intervals. We have also obtained registration under Food Safety & Standards Authority of India [FSSAI] and the brand name “Eat It Safe” has been registered under Trademark Act 1999. 

What started as a 2 men initiative in 2018, has now in 2020, grown into an 8-member partnership expanding into nearly 10 acres.   We look forward to 100 acres of residue free farming with APEDA certification by 2024.

In the first place, the prime motive behind this endeavor was to produce safer food for the society; while in the second place, our objective was to develop an environment-friendly and healthy production system thereby ensuring a better standard of living and earning for our farmers, while the ultimate goal would be to take a small step towards saving the mother earth so as to make it a better place for our future generations.

Our Motto

Building a healthy lifestyle for our future generation who deserves safe and healthy food.

Our Mission

  • Safer food for our society.

  • Better standard of living and earning for farmers.

  • Engaging youth in agriculture

  • Self sufficiency in vegetables for our state

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